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Alex Martinez

Alex Martinez photo Alex Martinez
  • Black Belt

Alex is a Certified Instructor in the Pedro Sauer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association.

Alex was introduced to submission grappling in early 2004 and has over 14 years of formal training in Gracie/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  

  Alex grew up active playing many sports in his childhood. After high school, Alex enlisted in the Marine Corps and in 2004 was introduced to the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP). Alex crossed paths with a Marine that was a jiu jitsu practitioner while training in MCMAP. Alex's curiosity grew and he continued to train in MCMAP until his active service came to an end in 2008. 

   In 2008, Alex reached out to Jared Emfield at the Academy of Martial Arts (Now Soma Jiu Jitsu) in Idaho Falls and began training. A few weeks after attending classes, Alex was informed that he could cross train at Precision Jiu Jitsu in Pocatello. Precision Jiu Jitsu was led by Jared's students Heath Ivers, Jessie Ralph, and John Ralph. Alex continued to train up to six days a week until choosing to move to Utah to finish his undergraduate degree. 

   In November 2009, Alex began training at Unified Jiu Jitsu in South Jordan, Utah which is led by Master Pedro Sauer's first black belts. During the day classes, Alex often lucked out and received small class instruction or one on one instruction from black belts' Shawn Weaver, Paul Sizemore, James Gardner, or John Carlquist. Alex also trained in Ogden, Utah at Westside Jiu Jitsu led by Mark Johnson. 

    In 2012, Alex deployed to Afghanistan and after three days of being in country, Jiu Jitsu found Alex. In the fall of 2012, Alex was asked to take over the instruction and continued to do so until his departure. Alex received the Outstanding Military Volunteer Service Medal after being commended by the service members and civilians he instructed. 

   In September 2014, he resumed his training at the Acadamy of Martial Arts. In January 2016, Alex received a position working for Federal Law Enforcement in Pocatello and began training at Precision Jiu Jitsu. Precision Jiu Jitsu converted to Colossal Fight Company. Colossal only had three classes per week, so Alex began instructing the Pedro Sauer Assocation self-defense curriculum. Alex was selected for an appointment to Warrant Officer in the Marine Corps and trained at Colossal until he departed for training in January of 2018. Alex returned from his Marine Corps training in June 2018 and resumed training in Idaho Falls and Pocatello. 

   Alex has regularly met with individuals for drilling sessions/private lessons and the demand has continuously grown. From 2018-2021, Alex was asked daily by his training partners as to why he was not teaching the day-to-day classes and during the summer of 2021 dozens of his training partners had convinced him, so he made the choice to bring jiu jitsu to Blackfoot.

Several jiu jitsu practitioners continue to travel from Idaho Falls and Pocatello to train weekly.

Outside of jiu jitsu, Alex is an Officer in the Marine Corps Reserve, helicopter pilot, online college instructor, and business manager. He holds a Master's in Business Administration and furthered his graduate studies by obtaining a Project Management Graduate Certificate. Alex is currently attending Expeditionary Warfare School for the Marine Corps.